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IJC serves the management of electronic journals, consulting services, highly qualified product packages & accredited accreditation and its indices.


IJC’s reputation is very good at product services & E-Journal management. The E-Journal published by IJC has also had accreditation of national level journals.


IJC also very Flexible to be used, because it can be used various devices from the start of Laptop, Tablet, iPad, to Mobile. IJC also has an Official Site Online that is easily accessible wherever and whenever.

iLearning Journal Center (iJC)

Learning Journal Center (iJC) is a product innovation that has the uniqueness of the concept of end-to-end solution. iJC provides ranging from the information technology infrastructure required to conduct the process of publication of scientific journals needed for institutions and associations, creating digital journal content, recommending journals based on the level of The needs and rankings are displayed in Viewboard Business Intelligence, the existence of indexing up to run and do administration as a journal center in Indonesia.



Accreditation Journals

This service caters to the journal Accreditation process for Quality Improvement and journal Quality.

Journal Indexing

This service caters to the journal indexing process and assists the administration process for the process.

OJS Design

This service is used to customize the view of journal pages.

Management Journal

Ancillary Services and e-Journal management assistance at the early stages of registration.

Free Software OJS

Service Software is a service using the Open Journal System application installed on the Server.

Management OJS

Service Management Software Open Journal System application and electronic journal configuration Governance.


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Universitas Raharja
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Testimoni Ketua STISIP Yuppentek Tangerang

Bapak Bambang Kurniawan, S.Sos.,M.Si , menceritakan pengalaman suksesnya setelah bergabung bersama iLearning Journal Center (iJC) ” iJC telah Berhasil dalam upaya nya mendorong motivasi Penulis , Karena melalui iJC lah kampus kami akhirnya STISIP Yuppentek saat ini memiliki E-Journal. “

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iJC Team

Dr. Ir. Untung Rahardja, M.T.I., MM

Company Director

iLearning Journal Center (iJC) product innovation has the uniqueness of the concept of end-to-end solution. iJC provides information technology infrastructure for the publication of scientific works.

SINTA Profile

Qurotul Aini, S.Kom., M.T.I

Director Secretary

iLearning Journal Center (iJC) innovation is believed to be able to meet the needs of online-based journal management in order to face the era of disruption and industry 4.0

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Indri Handayani, S.Kom., M.T.I

System Analyst

iLearning Journal Center (iJC) as innovation E-journal that in its application is aimed at replacing a conventional journal Management system (printed).

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Ninda Lutfiani, S.Kom

Marketing Manager

iJC is designed as a container that makes it easy for academics to submit to a journal whether it’s accredited or unaccredited. iJC becomes the center of submit journals and quantitative information.

SINTA Profile
Erick Febriyanto, S.Kom., M.T.I

Technology Manager

The iLearning Journal Center (iJC) based on Open Jounal System (OJS) is able to provide ease, speed, and integrity in conducting journal management.

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